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Website Design

Just starting out? We offer complete and balanced website design packages that fit your budget!

Talk with a CE Webs specialist and find out firsthand what your return on investment can be.

Website Checkup

Have a company site that is two or three years old? You are overdue for a website check up!

What was relevant three years ago may not be today. If your site looks stale so does your company.

Website Management

Already have a website?
  • Where are you in search results?
  • Are new customers finding your site?
  • What do they do when they get there?
  • Do visits convert to sales?

You need to know where you are before mapping a route to your goals! We have answers!

If you want to compete, then you need a target and a plan. Let CE Webs help you navigate the world of SEO Optimization, SEO Management, eCommerce Development and eMarketing. Contact us today and a trained web development specialist will help you develop your own comprehensive and affordable plan that will put you on target to achieve your goals.

Kind words

I have been utilizing the services of CE Webs for a few years now, which has proven to be a very wise decision for both of my companies.

I was hesitant at first, as they do not have the shining appeal that I see with other companies that tends to pull most of us in, but it did not take long for me to realize that they do so much more than other companies when it comes to what is truly most important to web marketing. Over time I have realized that just having an attractive web site isn’t worth anything if people aren’t getting there. With CE Webs, you can be sure that they do the real “behind the scenes” work that makes sure your website actually does its job. With CE Webs, I now have the strong web presence that I have been struggling to achieve for years, and not just big promises that accomplish nothing like so many other companies that sound so wonderful. Thank you CE Webs for continued growth and success due to all of your efforts!

If you need someone who can handle your web presence the way it really should be handled you can be sure that CE Webs is up for any challenge and can be truly counted on, and I stake my reputation on it!

Note: This is not an artificially generated testimonial. I am always very busy, but I am still willing to take time to speak on behalf of CE Webs and what they have done for me. If you would like to hear my thoughts more directly, go ahead and call me at 207.655.8668. I can't talk long but I am willing to talk.

Craig Sharkey,
Owner & president of SGS & LGP