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CE-Webs evolved to help small to medium sized businesses position themselves effectively on the web and stay there. Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of internet marketing is a full-time job! That is why CE Webs has assembled a team of unique specialist to assist you with every aspect of your company website and internet marketing needs.

Internet Marketing

New or Starting Over – From planning, design, SEO, testing to the site launch – the process is all mapped out to assure we hit your target audience and budget. Choose one of our Responsive Web Design Plans to start taking control of one of your companies most powerful marketing tools.

SEO optimized

Have a company website already?


If you already have a website but you lack critical site information like number of visitors, average time on page and page views then you do not know what the public is viewing on your site if at all. If your site needs to be modernized with a face lift, product or services added, Pictures updated, I recommend our Web Checkup service where we evaluate your company website thoroughly. We will discuss any required changes to your website to make it compliant, we then review the changes you would like to see done to the site. A CE Webs website specialist will help you prioritize the changes to the site to achieve the best Return On Investment. With a plan on how to move your company website forward take advantage of one of our Web Management Plans for optimal savings.

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