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Time for a Website Checkup?

When was the last time you looked at your website?  

When were the last updates made to your website?

If you don't remember the answers then your online business may be over due for a Website Checkup!

Your online business website is just like an engine, you need to provide routine maintenance to maintain good operating performance. Search engine optimization is the tune up that will directly affect your website ranking, increase site traffic to improve your online business sales potential. A CE-Webs Website Checkup does exactly that.

What We Review with a Website Checkup

  • Website content, Meta Tags reviewed
  • Website performance, Images and page design
  • Social media links are checked
  • Usability and the aesthetics are evaluated and reviewed with you
  • Report is provided indicating recommended changes to improve website performance and ranking

At only $299.00*, it's a bargain to ensure one of your most valuable assets, your online business website, is sharing current and relevant information about your business to both current and future customers. How can your website design promote positive changes within your company if the information never makes it to the site pages? A website development plan can be mapped out to achieve your goals and remain within your budget.

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Select the Website Checkup below, tell us what you would like to update on your site and a website design specialist will contact you within one business day. We will review and analyze your online business site prior to our call so we can discuss the best course of action for your company website.

  • Included

    Meta Tags data
    $299 Keyword basic review H1, H2 usage Mobile device support Page Descriptions
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