SEO Management

“Not just another pretty website page with SEO Management!”

Just like the visitor needs to be able to find what they are looking for on your website, the search engines need to be able to find your “content” amid the millions of lines of code to present your website in the search results to your prospect. SEO Management is the answer.

Search engine rules and logarithms have changed greatly over the last three years! Has your site?

  • Analyze your keyword phrases to real world search requests
  • “Key Phrase” SERP Tracking
  • Analyze Search Engine Results
  • Analyze the visitors User Flow during their visit
  • Analyze Bounce Rate and Page views
  • Analyze Social Media Referral Traffic
  • Suggest strategic edits to content

An SEO optimized website design ensure search engines have the best understanding of what you are promoting with each page of your website. This provides a good SEO foundation for ranking well on search engine results pages (SERP) and being considered for selection.

Compete in today’s market place!

Select one of the Website Management Plans below that closest resembles your online business needs. A website SEO management specialist will contact you within two business days to discuss any changes you would like to make or simply improve your website ranking & website performance.

Tell us what you would like to see happen with your site and the best time to contact you. We will review your site prior to our call. Consultation is FREE!

SEO optimized

SEO Management Plans

Home Business / Entrepreneur

Excellent choice for startups
$110 / month
Web Management
SEO Review
Social Media Review
1 hour / month

Professional / NPO

Our most popular package
$225 / month
Web Management
SEO Review
Social Media Review
3 hours / month


Established products
$325 / month
Web Management
SEO Review
Social Media Review
5 hours / month

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